Monday, June 11, 2012

Tai Chi Qigong Practice

Refinement of the Art and Practice of Tai Chi Qigong
By Marilyn Allysum

Tai Chi Qigong practice is like finely tuning 
an instrument to play a melodious sonata.
We must artfully refine and acutely listen 
with rapt attention to the subtleties of 
our movement and breath.
With the alignment of our crown point to 
heaven and base of torso threading 
this line to earth, we are positioned like 
a carpenter's leveler, then the “water bubble” 
becomes still and reflective; our inner lake serene, 
nothing from the outside world disturbs this equipoise.
The true art of Qigong is a constant source of 
new depths to its practitioners, as we become 
restored and are then able to store elixir drops of its vastness.
The supply is inexhaustible, 
the flavor like nectar to those who know.

Many times I see friends and practitioners in my travels, 
practicing their Qigong with devotion. 
The technique could provide greater benefit if 
a few reminders are put into practice.
Since we are working with current (Qi) that as it's nature 
does not have cessation, then in order to work best with it, 
we must give it room to flow,
room to expand, and room to return or "circle" back to us.
When we enter a Qigong posture, 
remember to keep your spirit bright and smile 
with your conscious self into 
each moment of your Qigong practice!
Arms that go out too far, 
weight shifts that uproot the balance points, 
heads and torsos that leave the natural line of 
heaven and earth should be avoided, 
as these movements take us out of the orbit of the Qi.
It is like listening to a beautiful musical composition 
and suddenly one instrument plays too strongly, 
disrupting the delicate balance of the music we are receiving.
So, the ability to grow in our awareness and expand 
our consciousness is a delicate matter, 
and these little things are a definite help on the way!

With all best wishes,
Marilyn Allysum