Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tai Chi and Qigong for Inner Harmony

“Marilyn, for the fortunate students, there are those teachers
who can “Do” their discipline, but can also “Teach” their
discipline. You are one of those teachers and I am fortunate!” -
Lynn D.

“It is the spiritual aspect of Tai Chi that resonates most with me.
I have “The Listening Mind” handout on the wall of my office,
and I often meditate on the concept of ‘yielding’ both in my
relationships with people and with my body. The sharing of
thoughts like these gives your classes the depth and richness
that keeps me coming.”
-Blessings, Larry H.

“I would like to find a calm center, a source of boundless energy
and a joyful, loving attitude toward the world and everything and
everyone in it. The way you are and what you’ve taught me so
far give me reason to believe that those things are possible.” -
Steve M.

“Thank you ever so much for your gift of the Taiji. It is better
than any ordinary present, sweeter than candy, and more
effective than alcohol or drugs. It’s real! Before I met you I had
heard that the Taiji was very spacious, encompassing exercise,
health, fitness, beauty, healing, medicine, spirituality, and so
forth. But no one taught it that way. After studying with you I feel
like the “secrets” are within each one of us, and as we continue
we will unlock them ourselves. Your teaching is very
empowering. I am very grateful for this new energy and health,
and very surprised, as it was unexpected. Thank you for finding
the way to teach us to find our own way.”
- Cassandra O.